Adrienne Gajownik


Immune support

I ate my weight in berries this weekend as I battled allergies and tried not to get Josh's bacterial infection. I ate bowls of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. These berries contain vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. Raspberries contain 50 percent more antioxidant activity than strawberries due to compounds exclusive to raspberries. Blueberries appear to be a better source of the antioxidant anthocyanin than red wine. Try to incorporate these tasty and healthy berries in your diet as much as possible.

I also powered up with Echinacea. Echinacea is a natural immune booster. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a great way to fight against bacterial and viral infections. I have Echinacea tea and supplements that I take when my body starts showing signs of getting sick. Here's a list of other herbal remedies to try.

What do you do when you're getting sick?

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