Adrienne Gajownik


Snack on this: strawberry yogurt

I know what you're thinking. Strawberry yogurt? That's not special. But I think it is.

Stop a minute and think about the yogurt aisle at your local grocery store. How many flavors and types of yogurt do you see? Key lime pie, strawberry cheesecake, banana cream pie, and even chocolate. These processed yogurts are usually high in sugar and the fruit doesn't taste like real fruit. Instead of buying the packaged variety why not make you're own with fresh, whole ingredients?

It's simple. Fill a bowl with organic plain yogurt and add your favorite fresh fruit. I chose strawberries because the farmers' markets are overflowing with them right now (excited for blueberries and peaches next). If you're not a plain yogurt fan, stir in a big drizzle of honey and a dash of cinnamon. You can puree the fruit and mix into the yogurt, if you prefer a smoother texture. This is a great snack packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy!