Adrienne Gajownik


How to cut an onion

Do you know how to cut an onion? If you do, then skip this post. I definitely didn't know the right way to chop an onion until chef classes. Knowing how to properly cut an onion allows you to control how big the dice is, that way all the pieces cook at the same speed. Or if you're eating it raw, it makes the presentation better (think of all those red onions in your salad). I've created a visual step-by-step that walks you through it.
1) First cut the top off of the onion, NOT the roots. The roots help hold the onion together as you're cutting. 2) Flip the onion over, so it sits on its flat side. 3) Cut the onion in half, right through the middle of the roots. 4) Remove the outer skin. 5) Turn the onion so that the roots are on your left. Place your palm flat on the top of the onion to hold it in place as you slice it. Keep your fingers straight so they're out of the way. 6) Now make horizontal cuts towards the roots. Try to keep the cuts the same width apart. The width between the cuts determines the size of your dice (small .25 inch, medium .5 inch or large .75 inch). 7) Now turn the onion so the roots are facing the top of your cutting board (away from your body). Then make vertical cuts stopping before you reach the roots (or onion will fall apart). 8) Finally turn the onion so the roots are to the left again. Hold the onion tightly so it stays together as you chop it all up.

Pretty easy, right? If you want to see more watch this short video that shows you the steps as well.