Adrienne Gajownik


Flourless chocolate torte and mostly wheat bread

I'm going to keep things short today. I have a pile of work in front of me, since I took the weekend off for my birthday. I turned 28 yesterday. I had an awesome brunch with friends, followed by a trip to the museum, and a nap (I never take naps!). All-in-all a great, low-key weekend.
My husband surprised me with his flourless chocolate torte. He first made this for me years ago and it's kind of his signature dessert now. Eggs. Chocolate. Butter. A sprinkle of pistachios. That's it.
We baked bread for this week's Food Matters Project. Check out the full recipes for homemade baguettes and whole wheat bread hosted by Melissa. See what others made here.
I decided to make the whole wheat loaf on Saturday. I mixed up the dough, put it in the windowsill, and ran errands. It was fairly warm here, so my dough was ready in less time. I subbed one cup of whole wheat flour for half a cup of oat flour and half a cup of brown rice flour. I added a teaspoon of dried oregano to the dough and covered the top with sesame and flaxseeds.

We thought the bread turned out pretty good. I'm glad I mixed in some lighter flours, so it wasn't as dense as some wheat breads can be. We ate it with a smear of arugula pesto and goat cheese, these roasted carrots, herbed omelets, and braised chard for dinner on Saturday. Hope you all had a great weekend.