Adrienne Gajownik


Friday favorites with Two Blue Lemons

Today I'm talking with Sarah of the blog Two Blue Lemons. I've been following Sarah's blog for a couple of years now, even before she had her super cute son. Sarah's a health coach and shares great recipes and tips for cooking for kids and for us adults, too. Her passion for simple living and healthy eating is contagious. She's offering a 21 day gentle food cleanse in May, so grab a friend and sign up.

Sarah, what's your favorite food?
Sarah: My son's favorite food is beans. If you have children you know that your child's favorite food quickly becomes the staple of your household. We love beans because they come in fun colors, shapes, and you can make breakfast, lunch, or dinner with their help. I'm afraid to say it but I see years of fart jokes ahead of us...

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Have a great weekend everyone. See you back here Monday morning where I'll be hosting the Food Matters Project for the week!