Adrienne Gajownik


Don't forget the beet greens

Did you pick up beets from the market this weekend? Are you going to make a raw or roasted beet dish? Whatever you do, don't discard the beet greens! They can be substituted for chard in recipes. Seriously, beets and red-stemmed chard are related. They both share a wine-colored stem, which I think is pretty rad. That has to mean there's some extra vitamins and minerals in there, right? Right. Beet greens are full of folic acid, vitamins K and A. They also contain more iron and calcium than just the beet itself. So next time, save those greens!
I've been digging the humble beet green lately, and the CSA has kept my crisper full. I sauté them with spring onions and garlic, and finish with this tahini sauce (yes, I'm addicted). They sound good on pizza and in a risotto too.

As you can see there's no Food Matters Project recipe here today, so skip on over to see what Laura and the rest of the members whipped up.

Source: Woods, Rebecca. The Whole Foods Encyclopedia, 2010.