Adrienne Gajownik


Breakfast in a jar

Do you like those fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt cups? Well this is the homemade version, which makes it superior to the store-bought alternative. You can mix in your favorite granola, add extra fruit or top with sunflower seeds.

A great thing about this breakfast—other than it being healthy & delicious—is it packs well. Simply store in a small mason jar, throw in your bag, and dash to work. It's great for those that bike too.

When I saw this recipe for blueberry chia jam, I knew I had to make it. Angela's right, this stuff is magical. It's sweetened with maple syrup instead of white sugar, which I love.

This is simple. Layer blueberry chia jam, organic plain yogurt, and muesli or granola. Then repeat until full. That's it. Enjoy now or pack for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack. And if you have any leftover jam, I'm sure it would be magical on toast with cashew butter. Yum.