Adrienne Gajownik


Friday Favorites with House to Haus

Today I'm talking with Talley from House to Haus. I stumbled upon her lovely blog not too long ago, and I'm so glad I did. She is an architect that once lived a routine life in Connecticut, but uprooted to Switzerland with her husband. She says she wasn't much of a cook until she arrived in Zurich, but I find that hard to believe. Her photographs and stories are captivating, and her recipes make my stomach rumble. I can't wait to make this boozy compote, this fava bean crostini, and this ratatouille tart. Hungry yet? Make sure to follow along with Talley's adventures in the land of cheese and chocolate.

Talley, what's your favorite food?
Dark Chocolate: I arrived in Switzerland, the land of chocolate and cheese, an apathetic chocolate eater, but now a year later I am officially addicted to the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate. I eat at least a square a day, and when I’m not eating it plain I’m melting it into mousse or chocolate cake and chopping it into chips for cookies. It is really true that using good chocolate when baking makes all the difference in flavor. My favorite chocolate to use in baking is Cailler 64% (except when I’m melting chocolate bunnies), but to eat I prefer it with a little extra pizazz, like Beschle’s Fleur de Sel & Pistachio. I do as the Swiss do and pick up Schoggi (Swiss German for ‘chocolate’) every time I’m at the store so I can be sure that I never run out. 

Here's the recipe for her chocolate mousse featured above. Yum! Have a great weekend everyone.