Adrienne Gajownik


Pizzeria Farina

I stumbled upon this menu and it reminded me of our recent visit to Pizzeria Farina. We took a weeklong trip to Seattle and Vancouver, BC this past May. It was magical. Jeanette of Everybody Likes Sandwiches sent me a long list of places to visit and eat in Vancouver. Pizzeria Farina was on that list.

An intimate restaurant with a menu written on brown kraft paper, Pizzeria Farina is a no frills type of place. Infused oils and anchovy tins adorn the sparse white walls while the red accents of the pizza boxes and bathroom door stand out. They only make what's on their limited menu and close once they run out of dough. We settled on the funghi pizza, sparkling water, and Brio (an herbal italian soft drink). The chili and oregano-infused oils were delicious sprinkled over our slices. We were glad we made it there before the dough ran out.