Adrienne Gajownik


A feel better elixir

I spent Easter weekend under a blanket on the couch or in bed. A cold/allergy/sinus infection took hold of me and I was a sneezing, coughing mess. So I drank cups upon cups of my magic elixir that always seems to ease my sore throat and open up my nose. I hope your Easter was better than mine.

Bookmark this recipe for the next time you wake up with a sore throat. Do you have any natural cures you swear by?

A feel better elixir
1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
1-2 tbsp raw local honey
1 garlic clove, sliced
6-8 oz boiling water

Add the first three ingredients to a mug. Pour boiling water over and stir. Drink once slightly cooled and enjoy multiple cups throughout the day.