Adrienne Gajownik


The drink of summer nights

I was first introduced to Pimm's in a park in London. It was March of 2005 and I was finishing up my winter semester abroad. The grey had given way to the sun and everyone was headed outside. Our dorm was right across from Battersea Park so we walked over and found a spot amidst the families picnicking and couples lounging. A pitcher of Pimm's was soon passed around. I'll never forget how refreshing that first sip was.

Nowadays whenever the temperatures soar, we stock our bar with Pimm's. I add in lemon and lime slices, but the cucumber spear is the most important. You can skip the gin, but I like it's botanical note. 8 years ago Pimm's was hard to find in the States, but these days it's carried in most liquor stores.

Pimm's Pitcher 
serves four
8 oz Pimm's
1 oz Tanqueray gin
14-16 oz ginger ale
4 lemon slice
4 lime slices
4 cucumber spear
sprig of fresh basil or mint

Pour the liquor and ginger ale into a large pitcher. Put ice cubes in four tall glasses and pour in the Pimm's mixture. Add a lemon slice, lime slice, and cucumber spear to each glass. Garnish with fresh herbs. Enjoy with friends on a hot summer night.