Adrienne Gajownik


Part one: Why Iceland?

We just got back from an amazing week long vacation in Iceland(!). We spent four days in Reykjavik and two days outside the city. A lot of people have asked why we selected Iceland for vacation, so I thought I'd explain.

Iceland is a magical place. We saw black sand beaches, mountains, luscious green sheep farms, glaciers, icebergs, geysers, and waterfalls everywhere. Once you see pictures like these, you'll begin to understand the fascination with the small northern European country. Everyone says it's like being on another planet and I couldn't agree more. Waterfalls tumble down most mountains and rainbows appear anywhere. Iceland's invested more in their tourism industry since the recession, and it's starting to stimulate the economy.

The population of the entire country is 320,000 while 200,000 reside in Reykjavik. People tend to be reserved and keep to themselves. Icelandic is the national language, but everyone speaks English. Restaurant menus were also translated into English. A lot of homes are painted bright colors in Reykjavik since it's dark and gloomy most of the year. The grey skies really make the colors pop.

Check back for part two on Wednesday as I'll share our favorite cafes and restaurants!