Adrienne Gajownik


Part Two: Where to eat in Reykjavik

Let's talk food! A few things you should know right away. Skyr is Icelandic yogurt and it's amazing. You may already be a fan of the Siggi's brand at Whole Foods. You'll see it on almost all menus in some shape or form. It's thick yet smoother than Greek yogurt. I ate vanilla skyr for breakfast or a snack almost everyday. We also saw Appelsin everywhere, which is the Icelandic version of Orangina. I don't drink sodas, but when on vacation...

If you're shopping for a few groceries, stop at 1011 or Bonus stores. I found a few other stores online, but never stumbled upon them on our trip. We picked up bread and cinnamon scones at Bjorns Bakeri near our airbnb flat and a few other necessities from the 1011 (peanut butter, nuts, jam, cheese).


The oldest coffeeshop in Reykjavik and definitely the coziest. It was our favorite cafe, morning or afternoon. We always ordered a cappuccino and swiss mokka. They also served breakfast all day—waffles and toast with cheese were on point.

Kaffismidja Island
They roast their own coffee beans and serve excellent coffee. The only barista to create art in my foam. They don't have a large food menu as coffee is their expertise. I had my first pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant). Why has it taken me so long to order that?


Mar restaurant
We both had the piadina (flatbread) with mozzarella, pesto and tomato with sweet potato fries. Hit the spot after a long walk through the city. Plus there's a nice view of the harbor. Josh wanted to go to see this graphic relief mural.

Icelandic Fish & Chips
We enjoyed spelt-barley battered fish with skyrronaise and roasted rosemary potato wedges. Skyrronaise is the Icelandic version of aioli. Yep you guessed it, it's made with skyr. We had coriander lime, honey mustard, and roasted chili red pepper. Coriander lime won, hands down.

Kex Hostel
I had the celeraic soup, mustard mashed potatoes and a Pale Ale. He had opened-faced pork sandwich with horseradish and cabbage. A hip hostel with a great menu and laid back atmosphere. Worth the walk there.

Bergsson Mathus
I spotted this place because of the food illustrations on the window. We came back the next day and had an amazing lunch. A small menu of rotating salads, soup, and entrees. I had the sweet potato soup and fresh salads (greek salad, pickled vegetables, roasted beets). Excellent place for lunch. Very vegetarian friendly.

Grænn kostur
All vegetarian restaurant with only two specials of the day. We had mushroom soup with homemade bread and hummus.

Perfect place for drinks or dining solo. We enjoyed wine and Icelandic beer at the bar.

Trendy, quirky restaurant by the harbor. I had hot smoked salmon on malt toast with horseradish and chervil. Best salmon ever. Period.

Have you been to Reykjavik? Are there any places I missed? A special thanks to Ashlae for steering us in the right direction with her recommendations. Find more great restaurants from the Grapevine here. Check back in on Friday for one last post on why you should rent a car and get outside the city.